Monday, December 22, 2008

baby shower

I had my first baby shower a couple of weeks ago, and man, people are generous....
It was a duo or Nicole and I, we just all went to Hill's played a few games and chatted away!
As for the baby up-date the girls are doing good so far.  Each time we go in for an ultrasound things have changed just a little, but not enough for them to keep me in.  People always ask if I have a scheduled date, and I don't.  All i know is that we take it week by week.  I could go in and they tell me I'm staying or they say you're good to go until next time.  Kinda crazy.  If one thing I've learned from this rollercoaster ride is to trust in the Lord.  It's in his hands and the outcome will be how its supposed to.  (much easier said than done though)
But thanks for all the prayers, and hopefully we have 5 weeks still.....

Another funny comment from a student "how come you haven't gone to the doctor yet?"
me: "What?"  kid: "to get your baby out"
I guess he thought the time was here and I was big enough....
And students ALWAYS draw you "beautiful" pictures, so one day a student came and handed me a picture and I was busy so I just quickly said thank you as I glanced at it.  Then I looked a little closer,  It was me with a big belly and 2 kids inside of it.  I wish I would have taken a picture cuz it was priceless.