Tuesday, February 9, 2010

love love love the sun!!!!

We had a second birthday party for the twins and they were hilarious! AS you can see they dove right into their cakes... Everybody was sitting watching and laughing and I think they adored all the attention!
Dane and I were so lucky and got to go to the bahamas kidless! (my sweet mom took the girls! thank you so muCh!) I seriously loved it! We were with a lot of friends, so that made it even better. I was so nervous to leave the girls (yes i cried) but once I was gone, i was just fine. Maybe thats bad to say, but I knew they were in good hands, and being taken care of by my mom and sister.
So dane and i relaxed, slept, layed in the sun, and played played played. I am already planning my next trip... (MOM????) so to any of you who don;t think you can handle leaving your kids, i seriously suggest trying, it reminds ya why ya love your husband ha ha...