Thursday, July 16, 2009

6 months


Holy CRAP! Our little girls are 6 months old!  Now i think the thing I'm supposed to write is, how it went SO FAST.  But I'm gonna be honest, this did not go fast ONE BIT! I feel like I've been a parent for years! 
 I truly do love these little girls.  They are so healthy and fun to have around.  As you can see they're quite identical.  But their personalities certainly aren't. I 've noticed that they balance eachother out!
Some fun facts about them:
I have started to put them in different rooms for their naps, but truly the last 4 times, they have woke up at the EXACT same time!  
When one sleeps the other squaks and squeels as if they know something isn't right.
They hold hands ...
They LOVE baby einsten (thank goodness)
I was talking to Dane this morning and we decided that having kids makes everything so much harder and better at the same time!  We love being parents and love having twins!

Friday, July 10, 2009

4th of July

I LOVE LOVE LOVE richfield's  4th of July.  So its always hard for me to be away from my family at this time of year, but I seriously had such a good time.  Thanks to my sister in-law, whit, who wanted to make it a fun one we had such a good day.  We started out at the beach, where they had some sand castle contests, and it was just a beautiful day! Then we met the boys at the beach again where they shot fireworks off a boat.  It was beautiful! then got dinner at a fun little restraunt in town.  The girls even liked the fireworks, their eyes were wide open just staring at them!  We're loving being in Florida, and getting sad that the summer is half over!