Saturday, June 25, 2011

LovING S. Carolina

First of all I LOVE summertime.... Kids are so much more fun as well as manageable.... Then just add in a pool, friends and an occasional beach and you have it made.

For Fathers Day we spent the weekend in Hilton Head Island, which is this little resort town. WHich we loved, the girls loved the sand and playing in the water. It was a fun weekend get a way that was VERY needed...
Before the weekend we've gone to the local "lake murray" and my first thoughts were , Redmond, but luckily it did get deeper than 4 ft and had actual sand...

we spend time at the pool, dane catches frogs and FREAKS my girls out... I literally haven't seen dani that scared over SOMETHING!!!

 we spend time with friends, and making a lot of messes!

Then after all that is finished we are SO tired, we fall asleep watching a show... Then we start all over again!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

we have arrived...

After a treacherous plane ride!! (there was one point where all 3 of us were crying) we have made it to SOuth Carolina!!! And truly are loving it here..The pool is very kid friendly, and our apartments are nice... I guess there's not much more you need :) Oh and of course friends.. The wives are way fun and the girls have Remi here, who they literally ask for probably 10 times a day..
Before we left I got family pictures and never got to posting them, so here they are!

the girls are thriving in life! They really are so much more fun! I definitely like the toddler stage much better.
Jaci is my little mom, always worried about dani, and saying what happened to dani mom? She is also extremely stubborn, she cried for 30 min today, because she wanted to sleep in her bed with dani rather than moms bed (ive been splitting them up on naps, when they will take one, because they just play in their room!)
Dani is my trouble maker, jaci definitely follows, but its always dani first... She just gets that mischeivious look and goes for things. Dani is also more independent, she likes to do things on her own, where as jaci wants HELP on everything.
Twins in this stage are so fun, one of my favorite things, is to just listen to them play in their room and giggle..
The other day i heard dani say "Good job Jaci" and jaci said, "I love you dani" then dani follows with "I love you jaci" oh.... just melts a moms heart....
ps, im not that good at the whole blog thing, so ive gone to a few friends, and realize that i am not invited because they're private! so send me an invite,, plus i deleted ALL my friends on accident and have slowly been trying to replace them, so if i haven't leave me yours so i can add it..

Monday, January 17, 2011

It's all about......the TWINS

Happy Happy Birthday jaci and dani!
Our little girls turned 2 yesterday! They started out onry, but once they ate 2 cupcakes, cake and ice cream they cheered right up!
It was like Christmas all over again... We had a party at Grandma's
and enjoyed all the cousins.

I always get asked what its like to have twins... well here is a look into my morning
10:00 breakfast
10:15 Milk poured all over the table
11:00 girls both crying at my feet and since its a nice day we decide to go outside.
11:15 I run inside to change laundry
11:20 Go back outside and their face and hands are covered in MUD
11:22 run inside to get wipes
11:25 wiping off hands and put them on the chair while i run wipes back inside
11:27 girls have both stepped in dog POOP!
11:28 run back to get wipes again
11:30 cleaning dog poop off
11:35 go get phone
11:37 girls are now in the fire pit covered in soot!
11:40 run and throw dani in the tub and run back outside to get jaci
11:41 getting jaci ready for the tub.
11:42 take jaci into the tub and dani now has my razor! take razor away!!!
11:45-11:50 breathing
11:50 after a mostly peaceful bath(except for them using the back as a slide and Jaci yelling fun and dani saying cool!) get girls out of the tub
11:55 trying to get a screaming jaci dressed..
11:56 Dani has dads glasses!
11:57 getting dani dressed
11:57 jaci is unfolding my newly folded laundry GRR
11:58  go to get lotion
11:58 Girls grab the chips off the counter and dump them out all over the newly swept floor!
12:00 sweep floor again
12:02 go get brush to brush their hair
12:03 Dani has gotten dads scripture marker and they are drawing on the door!
12:05 mom has had it!
A: watch both girls EVERY second of the day
B: Put them down for an early nap
(I chose B)

Luckily that is not an every day thing!
Aren't they adorable!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

...and a happy nEW yEAr!!!

What a good and busy Holiday! Since there are so MANY things to write about I'm going to summarize the month of December with the
*Bad, But good that came from it! 
and the *Best
Bad: Dane having to have surgery 2 days before Christmas :(
 >Good: He is on the road to recovery and says this is the least swollen he's ever been!
Bad:Driving in snowstorms for hours!
 >Good: getting to spend Christmas in R-Town
Bad: THe cold being passed around again and again
 >Good: Can;t think of much good to come from being sick....
Bad: Snowstorm after snowstorm
 >Good: Sledding and a white Christmas
Going on the Polar express with all our cousins!
The ugly sweater party (which I won 2nd place on the best dressed)
Bryce and Kimley's new baby Reo being blessed
Seeing my parents dressed as elves... loved it
The girls going to nursery without crying (only took them 6 months)
Family Basketball game
Fritz tournaments...


 And as the new year is here we want to thank all our family and friends whom we love very much!
And NO we did not get a dog. our landlords have one, and the girls ask for the puppies EVERY day..

Friday, December 17, 2010


yes late again on the post, but this holiday season has been as busy as ever it seems.
We had such a fun Thanksgiving this year.  It was spent with the Tidwell family and it was
4 days of partys! And we wouldn't have it any other way.  The girls loved spending time with
all their cousins, and still every time we get in the car the twins name EVERY cousin because they think thats what we're going to do is be with our cousins.
We're already so excited for Christmas and to spend it with family!
Happy HOlidays

Saturday, November 20, 2010

happy halloween

I was kind of a slacker this year when it came to the hole Halloween celebration.  Getting my girls dressed even seemed like a chore let alone buying costumes! SO without much effort they were cute little bumble bees... We had Adrie with us for the weekend and went to our ward trunk or treat, which was very creative and fun.  Then on Halloween day we headed to Dane's sisters, Sunnie, for some of the fun festivities.... The girls got the hang of it and loved getting all the candy of course, although they didn't understand the concept of waiting till we get home to eat all the candy...

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Dane and I were so lucky and got to spend some time in Maui!  We loved
every minute of it.  We layed by the beach, pool, went hiking
did a lot of snorkeling,
and of course eating (i really did eat SO much!)
This time being away from the girls was harder for me than before when
i've left them... But we came home loving them more than ever and refreshed
from our nice vacation!
halloween pics soon to come!