Friday, September 26, 2008

THEY ARE................

Looks like I've got two little ladies in my tummy!  And everything is going really good!!!  Dane and I are both really excited, and can't believe its more girls! This will make 8 out of the 9 grandchildren on his side girls!!!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Life CHanGing

So here goes a crazy story (at least I think) for all of you. So while in North Carolina I was starting to feel a lot different and getting sicker so after 4 pregnancy tests it was confirmed that YES I was pregnant whether I liked it or not. I am sorry to say that I wasn't excited at all :(... It certainly was not planned and seemed to come at such an inopportune time. I had to come back and teach while Dane is still in school full time! Plus I was on the couch for the rest of the summer not feeling well at all. Dane and I were just thankful for the Gospel at this time and new it must be in our Plan. So when I got home I made a doctor appt. and went to get checked out. Since I had no idea when I had gotten pregnant (yes we were preventing it) they told me I was 14 weeks which I new there was no way possible because I was still in UT and Dane was in NC. But with all the measurements they didn't think they were to far off, so they got me an ultrasound.
I went to the ultrasound by myself because Dane was still on his way back from NC. So she puts the ultrasound thingy on me and she says, "Oh... you're having twins" i immediately shoot back "No i'm not...!!??" and she says, "Oh honey, ... I wouldn't joke about something like that!" Yes you can imagine the shock at the moment!!!! My instant reaction was tears... but if you can imagine 100 emotions running through your body at one time that is what I was experiencing. Truthfully the rest of the ultrasound was quite a blur. But I did call Dane right after and was FREAKING out when I was telling him.... Quite the moment.
So here we are up to date. And in all honesty we are so excited!!!! I hate to say this, but I think it needed to be twins to get me so happy about it all. Buying a house was really no longer an option so after living with Hillary for a few weeks, we finally found a basement apt. that we really like and is within walking distance from Dane's moms.
I had an ultrasound today and am 14 weeks. The doctor said I am having
IDENTICAL TWINS which is really exciting, but also can be scary. I guess my baby's are in the same placenta but have different sacks. With this brings a scare of a disease called TTTS which means they are sharing the same blood and one baby takes more and can cause the other baby to die. So I went to a specialist today and as of right now they are not sharing blood. BUT it can happen anytime throughout the pregnancy and can be scary. So if having twins isn't already considered high risk, I have to have a ultrasound every 2 WEEKS to make sure things are running ok. So that's our story!!! Crazy I know, but also very fun........... It is so true when you think of how you never know what will come next because 1 year ago I never would of thought i would be pregnant let alone with twins!!!!
Dane also had our 1 year anniversary... Quite the gift :)