Sunday, March 15, 2009


So, it's true! I had my first official breakdown as a mother of twins the other night.  It was the usual evening where at 10 my girls thought it was day time and were wide awake and very fussy with tummy aches!  Just when I'd get one settled down, and get into bed, the other would start crying hysterically.  And if it wasn't one it was both! So by 2 am I had just about had it.  I was holding a crying baby in the recliner, then of course in the other room the other girl starts screaming.  So i did what any smart mom would do, I started crying with them.  Yup, 3 of us crying, it was a beautiful night.  So my cute husband (whom I was trying to let sleep cuz he wasn't feeling well) came and got both the girls, shut my bedroom door and kept them out of the room for a few hours.  I think that was the best 3 hours of sleep EVER.
But the good news is I still totally love my girls! :)

Sunday, March 8, 2009

little ladies

My sis, Jane, came up and since we can't really take the girls out yet, we had our own little photo shoot at our house.  The girls only handled it for so long, but I still think we got some great pics.



These girls are so much fun to have around.  And being identical they really do things on tune with eachother, such as crying, diapers, feeding, noises (one nurse said she thinks they talk a lot, and those that know me know that they come by that honestly from their mom)
People have asked about their names, so here's the story.  I was named after my 2 great grandmas and always like that.  I didn't want my girls to have middle names, so I wanted to name them after somebody.  I have always really LOVED the name Dani for a girl and it just so happens that Dane's step dad is named Danny and we adore him, so that's who her name came after.  
Dane thought he got to pick the next name and Dane's middle name is Jay after his grandpa Jay, so he came up with Jaci which I really liked. and that is where my little girls get their names from (2 males) ha ha
But you have to all admit they are adorable!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

our little bugs....

yes these are newborn outfits and 
still so big!