Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Somebody said to me how they couldn't believe that my girls were already a year old and how the time has flown by.. my response was. "Yeah maybe for you!" This really has been one of the slowest and fastest years of my life. As I look back on my girls all I can see is how blessed we are to have them with us and healthy. They are probably the cutest girls i know.
3 fun facts:
*flaps her arms when she gets SO excited which is especially when she see's dad
*Is a sly little one, (makes me a bit nervous for the future)
*Is in constant play mode, rarely is just mellow
*will smile at little kids and watch them forever, but is more reserved for adults.
*Is such a LOUD and Constant talker. When she gets going plug your ears
*Loves books and reads them with her feet, (she also does the splits every time between sitting and lying down)
Dani & Jaci
*Dani will kiss jaci on the head sometimes then go about what she's doing
*They steal everything and anything from eachother. It really doesn't matter if I have 2 of things, they just want sissy's
*They will turn and talk to each other, (which is seriously my favorite)
and they feed off each other with their personalities. Especially when they are being silly at dinnertime. Or one is crying and the other finds it necessary to scream along with their sister!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Merry Merrrrry CHRISTMAS

Happy HolidayS!! We had an extremely fun Holiday Season filled with family galore! We spent Christmas with Dane's family this year, and all slept at his mom's, not the best night sleep ever, but who really sleeps on Christmas Eve anyways. Then later in the day we headed to his dad's and enjoyed loads of good food, then the next day headed to R-town for the Dane's side Christmas party. then i feel as if we did it all over again and again and again, so it is official, I have decided I no longer EVER want to travel anywhere. I literally feel as if I have been traveling since Thanksgiving. Yes I know that this is a huge exaggeration especially being that the furthest place from SLC i went was R-town,... Maybe I'll be ready to take the girls somewhere by next Christmas... ha ha Here is a lot of our pictures. The girls were a lot of fun, and were spoiled of course. They love all the kids and to be near all the commotion. I think Jaci will be the little social one. Dani takes a second longer to warm up, but once she does she is right where the action is! As you can see a ton of pictures are of the girls and their cousins. Dane got tickets to a Bronco's game for Christmas, so thats one of the pics, and the rest are just filled with our family and my cute girls. I pray that everyone was as blessed this holiday season as we were...