Saturday, June 25, 2011

LovING S. Carolina

First of all I LOVE summertime.... Kids are so much more fun as well as manageable.... Then just add in a pool, friends and an occasional beach and you have it made.

For Fathers Day we spent the weekend in Hilton Head Island, which is this little resort town. WHich we loved, the girls loved the sand and playing in the water. It was a fun weekend get a way that was VERY needed...
Before the weekend we've gone to the local "lake murray" and my first thoughts were , Redmond, but luckily it did get deeper than 4 ft and had actual sand...

we spend time at the pool, dane catches frogs and FREAKS my girls out... I literally haven't seen dani that scared over SOMETHING!!!

 we spend time with friends, and making a lot of messes!

Then after all that is finished we are SO tired, we fall asleep watching a show... Then we start all over again!