Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Goodbye R-TOWN

It seems as if my life is full of "new beginings". We are finally back in SLC and staying (for now at least) But as you can see R-town was full of cousins and fun... I don't know what i'm gonna do without my sisters around to hang out with!
We had lots of water parties, spent time in St. George, got a lot of baby sitters, and played with cousins endlessly.  But like all summers, it has come to an end. Dane has come home YEAH! so we are busying ourselves with work and moving.  Hopefully we'll have a permanent residence by this saturday!
The girls are almost 21 months! and full of attitude.. I'm at a loss on how to be a good parent! I do not know how my parents raised five good kids, because i am really struggling with these 2!  Hopefully its just a phase...
good news:
Bryce and Kimley a precious baby boy Reynold (Reo)  Who i would trade in my 2 for him anytime!
Cy and Whit are having another girl! (we LOVE girls in the Tidwell side)
Dane and I are going on vacation without the GIRLS!
Our lives are busy as always, but listening to conference and one talk in particular, I realized that just because we're stressed doesn't mean we need to speed up... Slow down and enjoy, which is my goal for the month of.... November... love to all