Sunday, November 30, 2008

babies... & football

Yes, we did support the cougars last weekend, and were a bit disapointed.  But the game was still fun and intense to be at (until the last quarter that is)  I never thought I'd become one of "those" fans that just love BYU because before Dane I didn't even really like football.  But now going through 2 seasons with him and supporting his dad I believe I have become a "true" fan.  Now maybe not a die hard, but I do enjoy the games, and keep up on a lot of it.
Now I thought I would update you all on the "tidwell twins"  They're both growing, as well as me!  At times I don't think my belly can stretch any farther, but everyone reminds me that it sure can.  And its crazy cuz I never though I would want to get bigger, but when it comes to healthy kids, I think all of you can agree with me, you just end up not caring and liking to see the pounds come on!.  
We do have a bit of a scare, it looks as if our babies are sharing fluid and blood now.  It is still pre-phase one, so not to bad yet, but instead of every two weeks getting ultrasounds, I am now going in twice a week!! Not to mention regular Dr. visits and I guess soon I will be meeting with the neonatologist.  I got steroid shots to help develop the lunges of the babies and now I guess we just take it week by week.  The hard thing is that I feel like a regular pregnant woman with all the "joys" but my babies aren't ok.  I'm still working, so that's nice but they told me at anytime things can get bad.  I guess the latest I will have the babies is 34 weeks, but they're thinking around 30-32 weeks.  SCARY!  Right now we're just praying that I can prove them wrong in some aspect.  But we are very thankful with the technology out there today that detects things so quickly and can help pre-mature babies.  So prayers for the babies are greatly appreciated!!!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Kids sAY the fUNniest stuff.....

While teaching and being pregnant I get some hilarious comments!  I decided to share some of them so others can enjoy the simple minds of children.
*"You look pregnant" I then informed the kid that I was pregnant and it all made better sense to him.
*kid "What happened to your belly???" me "I have babies in it" kid "Oh..."
*One of my students from last year went up to his teacher and said very worriedly "mrs. Tidwell is getting fat."
*I told the students that I had to leave a little early that day because I had a dr.apt. so another teacher would be coming in to watch them, a student shouted out "are your babies coming out today?" mind you this is when I was barely showing...
*"So a a a when are ya gonna get those babies out?"
* we do stretches everyday in class and one day a kid had said something was to hard for him and one of my favorite little girls said, "If Mrs. Tidwell can do it with her babies, then you can!!! huh Mrs. Tidwell"
*And one of my favorites, It was snowing that day and a kid shouts out, "mrs. Tidwell your belly looks like a snowball." I just laughed, but then another kid said in a very confused tone "Maybe a BIG snowball!!!"  

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


This past weekend we had a lot going on.
 I really like Halloween, but with 
school, I almost like it better when its over!  
The kids are so crazy!  This year us 1st grade teachers did the theme of insects...

On halloween we had a
 fun party with Dane's family.  
So here's me and my cute sister in-laws.
And on Sunday we had Cy and Whit's daughter Remi's baby blessing,  She is so precious!
And of course I can't not give a shout out to R-town and taking state on Saturday.  Alyse is helping coach so we went to the games, and it was so intense I was DYING.  The babies were going crazy as well!