Saturday, November 20, 2010

happy halloween

I was kind of a slacker this year when it came to the hole Halloween celebration.  Getting my girls dressed even seemed like a chore let alone buying costumes! SO without much effort they were cute little bumble bees... We had Adrie with us for the weekend and went to our ward trunk or treat, which was very creative and fun.  Then on Halloween day we headed to Dane's sisters, Sunnie, for some of the fun festivities.... The girls got the hang of it and loved getting all the candy of course, although they didn't understand the concept of waiting till we get home to eat all the candy...

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Dane and I were so lucky and got to spend some time in Maui!  We loved
every minute of it.  We layed by the beach, pool, went hiking
did a lot of snorkeling,
and of course eating (i really did eat SO much!)
This time being away from the girls was harder for me than before when
i've left them... But we came home loving them more than ever and refreshed
from our nice vacation!
halloween pics soon to come!