Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Still KICKin

Yes we are still alive!  after the rollercoaster ride of this month....  Things have been crazy to put it mild...  WE have spent a lot of time traveling ( nearly 3,000 miles of driving in 4 weeks agh!) . WE started out the summer in Montana, then spent a while in Utah and now we are living in TEXAS. . . the summer of sales... But we are settled and happy.
Luckily we have a pool so we spend a lot of time there, and doing whatever else you do with 1 year olds to keep them happy.
The girls are 17 months and still not walking! But soon enough, they finally like to hold my hands while I walk.  They love sitting up high, on beds, chairs, couches etc.  As you can see in 1 picture they fight all the time.  Dani really doesn't like when jaci has something that she wants.  But despite the fighting no one can make them laugh as hard as eachother.  My favorite times are when I'm in another room and just sit and listen to them giggling.  They play peek-a-boo, poke each other in the eyes, mouths, tackle eachother and just laugh...
Here are a few pictures of our latest and greatest.. enjoy