Monday, February 23, 2009

home at last...

Our little girls are finally HOME!  They came home a week ago, and of course it's been quite hectic around the Tidwell home..  Dani is still on a little bit of oxygen and at night they both are on monitors (yes the beeping is wonderful).  They have grown so much, on Thu Dani was 5.7 lbs and Jaci was 5.9 lbs.  They are gaining so quickly I bet they're about 6 Lbs by now.  I know that doesn't sound big to you guys, but less than 6 weeks ago they were 3 lbs!
We absolutely love having them home!  We have had SO much help from family and friends, and now that everybody is gone, I miss all the company!  
I have 7 more weeks off of school, so I get to spend some time with the beautiful ladies!
Oh and since a lot of you are moms out there does anyone have remedies on helping tommy aches.  These girls will just SCREAM! I've tried mylocon and a couple random things, but now I'm desperate!