Thursday, May 26, 2011

we have arrived...

After a treacherous plane ride!! (there was one point where all 3 of us were crying) we have made it to SOuth Carolina!!! And truly are loving it here..The pool is very kid friendly, and our apartments are nice... I guess there's not much more you need :) Oh and of course friends.. The wives are way fun and the girls have Remi here, who they literally ask for probably 10 times a day..
Before we left I got family pictures and never got to posting them, so here they are!

the girls are thriving in life! They really are so much more fun! I definitely like the toddler stage much better.
Jaci is my little mom, always worried about dani, and saying what happened to dani mom? She is also extremely stubborn, she cried for 30 min today, because she wanted to sleep in her bed with dani rather than moms bed (ive been splitting them up on naps, when they will take one, because they just play in their room!)
Dani is my trouble maker, jaci definitely follows, but its always dani first... She just gets that mischeivious look and goes for things. Dani is also more independent, she likes to do things on her own, where as jaci wants HELP on everything.
Twins in this stage are so fun, one of my favorite things, is to just listen to them play in their room and giggle..
The other day i heard dani say "Good job Jaci" and jaci said, "I love you dani" then dani follows with "I love you jaci" oh.... just melts a moms heart....
ps, im not that good at the whole blog thing, so ive gone to a few friends, and realize that i am not invited because they're private! so send me an invite,, plus i deleted ALL my friends on accident and have slowly been trying to replace them, so if i haven't leave me yours so i can add it..