Saturday, October 3, 2009

babies babies and more babies

We belatedly threw liser a shower at Nicoles a couple of weeks ago! It was so fun and one of the first times in FOREVER we almost all got together!.. Liser's new baby is so precious! we tried to get a better pic of all the kids, but that didn't work out so well. As you can see all of our kids were there and it was a mad house!

Since having the twins a popular question to me was if i was going back to work or not. After a lot of debate it was decided I would no longer teach 1st grade :(. I was so sad about the situation, but knew there wasn't any possible way I could teach. Well after being home a month I realized 2 things 1.) we couldn't afford for me to be home all the time and 2.) I can't handle being home all the time.
Now.. I know this is a very controversial topic amongst mom's but I have realized everybody is different and has their own needs. I LOVE being home with my girls, but I also NEED my outs. I feel that when I get away from the girls for a bit I am a better parent. One of my friends put it in good terms for me. She said you can have quantity time, and quality time, and they don;t always go hand in hand....
Anyways, I kind of fell into a job as a title 1 teacher. (its for schools that are predominatly poor so they recieve extra funds to help supplement and add teachers) They agreed to work with my schedule so I am working tue and wed at a Private Catholic school. All new areas for me. I have started and like it so far, I just work with small groups and am really excited! One day a week Dane and his sister watch the girls and one day they're with a sitter.
Other than that out life is really good, Dane is super busy with school. Dani and Jaci are almost 9 months and growing up.