Saturday, January 1, 2011

...and a happy nEW yEAr!!!

What a good and busy Holiday! Since there are so MANY things to write about I'm going to summarize the month of December with the
*Bad, But good that came from it! 
and the *Best
Bad: Dane having to have surgery 2 days before Christmas :(
 >Good: He is on the road to recovery and says this is the least swollen he's ever been!
Bad:Driving in snowstorms for hours!
 >Good: getting to spend Christmas in R-Town
Bad: THe cold being passed around again and again
 >Good: Can;t think of much good to come from being sick....
Bad: Snowstorm after snowstorm
 >Good: Sledding and a white Christmas
Going on the Polar express with all our cousins!
The ugly sweater party (which I won 2nd place on the best dressed)
Bryce and Kimley's new baby Reo being blessed
Seeing my parents dressed as elves... loved it
The girls going to nursery without crying (only took them 6 months)
Family Basketball game
Fritz tournaments...


 And as the new year is here we want to thank all our family and friends whom we love very much!
And NO we did not get a dog. our landlords have one, and the girls ask for the puppies EVERY day..


Summer said...

I sure do love reading about you and your cute girls. Looks like you had a wonderful holiday.

Dani said...

oh my gosh that pic of the girls playing the piano is too funny!!

surgery? thats never good.

yes we need to play. im not very good at coordinating activities or people, but we would love to hang out!
are you guys going out next summer?>

Nate and Brooke said...

Your girls are so cute and identical!! Looks like life is good, take care!