Monday, January 17, 2011

It's all about......the TWINS

Happy Happy Birthday jaci and dani!
Our little girls turned 2 yesterday! They started out onry, but once they ate 2 cupcakes, cake and ice cream they cheered right up!
It was like Christmas all over again... We had a party at Grandma's
and enjoyed all the cousins.

I always get asked what its like to have twins... well here is a look into my morning
10:00 breakfast
10:15 Milk poured all over the table
11:00 girls both crying at my feet and since its a nice day we decide to go outside.
11:15 I run inside to change laundry
11:20 Go back outside and their face and hands are covered in MUD
11:22 run inside to get wipes
11:25 wiping off hands and put them on the chair while i run wipes back inside
11:27 girls have both stepped in dog POOP!
11:28 run back to get wipes again
11:30 cleaning dog poop off
11:35 go get phone
11:37 girls are now in the fire pit covered in soot!
11:40 run and throw dani in the tub and run back outside to get jaci
11:41 getting jaci ready for the tub.
11:42 take jaci into the tub and dani now has my razor! take razor away!!!
11:45-11:50 breathing
11:50 after a mostly peaceful bath(except for them using the back as a slide and Jaci yelling fun and dani saying cool!) get girls out of the tub
11:55 trying to get a screaming jaci dressed..
11:56 Dani has dads glasses!
11:57 getting dani dressed
11:57 jaci is unfolding my newly folded laundry GRR
11:58  go to get lotion
11:58 Girls grab the chips off the counter and dump them out all over the newly swept floor!
12:00 sweep floor again
12:02 go get brush to brush their hair
12:03 Dani has gotten dads scripture marker and they are drawing on the door!
12:05 mom has had it!
A: watch both girls EVERY second of the day
B: Put them down for an early nap
(I chose B)

Luckily that is not an every day thing!
Aren't they adorable!


Whitney said...

Oh man! I thought I had a crazy morning...:) Gotta love the twiners! Hope they enjoyed there Birthday :)

The Brindley's said...

They are simply adorable!!! Oh, man I am busy enough as it is with 1 monster running around and a 4-year-old teasing him all day. Those lucky girls have a great mom.

tiffany and darren said...

I love them!! I love twins!!! I can't wait until mine are old enough to get into trouble.

I can't believe your girls are already two, wow! Time sure flies...

Josh & Maddi Andersen said...

Marion, I have not made that skirt yet, but the pattern is from
That is the adult one, but I think somewhere on that blog she posted one for little girls! Let me know if you make it! :)